On Friday the 21st of November I had the privilege to help out at the Diplomatic Bazar in Lisbon. It was held at Centro de Congressos in Belem and approximately 30 different countries participated. Among other things, we sold homemade cinnamon-buns and different kinds of cookies, Noblesse-chocolates and candy. We also had clogs, toys, cards, candles, kitchen towels, socks and cute handicrafted Santa Clauses. The money raised will be given to charity to help the homeless in the Lisbon area.

The first lady of Portugal, Maria Cavaco Silva, opened the Bazar and also visited our table. She greeted us all by shaking our hands and commended us on our traditional outfits. We offered her a small Santa Claus, a chocolate box and a magazine filled with Swedish traditions and recepies. In her bag was also one of my new business-cards - Karlsson Lifestyle Goodies...!

Throughout the day we sold things, gave away candy and chocolate for people to try and explained the various customs in our country.