KARLSSON Lifestyle goodies


undefinedThese fabulous glass lips are part of the Make Up Collection designed by Åsa Jungnelius. They are perfect to add among your real make up products on a tray in your bathroom, in your living room or on your working desk just to make you happy. They make a great gift to show that you care for somebody.

My favourites are the strong pink in the middle and the raspberry red in the upper right corner. Which one is your favourite?




Cada criação de cristal da Kosta Boda é uma obra única de artesanato. Um pedaço da história cultural sueco. No momento em que a peça acabada deixa as vidrarias, nada menos do que 15 pessoas diferentes foram envolvidos no processo.

With playful and bold designs, the products from Kosta Boda are a natural complement to your home decor. Their creative designers produce expressive objects with great personality to complement any home, any room, anywhere.
Each Kosta Boda creation is a unique work of craftsmanship. A piece of Swedish cultural history. By the time the finished piece leaves the glassworks, no less than 15 different persons have been involved in the process.