KARLSSON Lifestyle goodies



This fantastic white leather Jetson chair is designed by Bruno Mathsson, who was a Swedish designer and architect. The chair exists in many variations and colours but this is the one I´ve have chosen for our living room. It creates a certain "James Bond"-feeling. If someone is sitting in it, with his or her back towards you, and then turns around, you almost expect Dr Evil to be sitting there, petting his cat...!

These Bruno Mathsson chairs are produced in the north of Portugal.


undefinedThese fabulous glass lips are part of the Make Up Collection designed by Åsa Jungnelius. They are perfect to add among your real make up products on a tray in your bathroom, in your living room or on your working desk just to make you happy. They make a great gift to show that you care for somebody.

My favourites are the strong pink in the middle and the raspberry red in the upper right corner. Which one is your favourite?



To make a traditional Swedish mulled wine (Glögg) you the need the following ingredients:

1 bottle of red wine (0,75 lit)

2 cinnamon sticks

8 spice cloves

12 cardamom seeds

1 small piece of dried ginger

1-1,5 dl sugar (the amount depends on how sweet you want it)

1,5 dl pure vodka

1 dl of raisins

1 big slice of bitter orange peel (or normal orange)

For serving:
russin och mandel

Put cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom seeds, orange peel and raisins in a jar. Add the vodka until all spices are completely covered. Close the jar closely with a lid. Let this mix stay for 3-4 days. Shake the jar every now and then. 
Strain the liquid in a sauce pan. Add the of wine and most of the sugar. Heat gently over low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Season to taste if you want more sugar. The wine is served heated but cannot boil! Serve with raisins and blanched almonds.



This is probably the most common chocolate cake in Sweden these days. It´s super easy to do:

150 gr butter
3 dl sugar
1 dl cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
2 eggs
2 dl wheat flower

Preheat the oven to 175 º C.
Melt the butter in a pan that holds 2 lit. Turn off the heat. Add sugar, cocoa and vanilla sugar. Stir. Add the eggs, one at the time. Add flower. Stir until you have an even batter.
Pour the batter into a prevously buttered and flowered baking dish. Bake in the bottom of the oven for 20 minutes - not more! Cool cake and put it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Served chilled with whipped cream or vanilla icecream.