I have the gift of always finding four-leaf clovers. It know it isn´t worth anything. It´s just a part of me, I guess. Every time a find one it warms my heart a little.
I can be out walking the dog when I see one in the corner of my eye. Or I´ll be driving my car when there´s red light and I have to stop for a few seconds. When possible, I pick them up and bring them home with me. The ones I see while waiting for the green light stay where they are, of course. I just drive off, thinking: "If people only knew...".
When I was a child I used to pick whole bouquets with clovers with 4 or more leaves. My record is when I was about 9 years old and found a eight-leaf clover. I ended up in the local paper. Can you imagine? It was so nice growing up like that, in a small town where hardly anything happens. So when a small girl finds a rare clover it makes the news. Wonderful!
Once we were on holidays on the Swedish island of Öland, and on a huge field grew a different kind of clover which all had 4 leafs. So weird when the three-leaf clovers were the hard ones to spot!
Last year a few friends of my youngest daughter came up to me and asked me to find one for each of them. Most of them had never seen one, let alone found one themselves. True happiness in their eyes when they walked off with at least one "lucky clover" each!
When my daughters were small and we lived in our house in Porto, I used to put all clovers in a small glass in the kitchen window. Most of them grew roots and I planted them into the lawn in our garden.
Some facts: According to tradition, four-leaf clovers bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally. Also, each leaf is believed to represent something; faith, hope, love and luck. There are approximately 10.000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover.
Come to think of it; I don´t remember the last time a saw one. Probably a few months ago, when we were in Sweden. Lately, I´ve spotted a place filled with clovers. There must be thousands of lucky ones. The problem is that they grow in a big roundabout near our closest supermarket. Just don´t know if it is worth all the weird looks I´d get from everyone driving by...