The only time I visited the Swedish island of Öland was when I was an irritated teenager, probably about 13 or so. My sister was only 3 years old. Usually, my family would go to Mallorca for our holidays every summer. But this year my parents decided to do something different.
I hated the whole week. My parents probably didn´t like it so much either. They had been tricked into renting a "pitoresque" cabin, which was actually an old hen house, converted into a holiday cabin. Pitoresque? Yeah, sure! There was no bathroom. What the.....! Only an old fashioned outhouse, with a hole where you would do what you had to do, as quickly as possible, due to the smell in there. Meanwhile, you´d breathe like Darth Vader. And there was no shower available in the house! The idea was for guests to have their baths at a local swimming pool or at the restrooms near the beach. But the weather wasn´t hot enough for us to spend time at any pool. So our personal hygiene had to be taken care of over the sink in the kitchen.
This day in question, my long hair was a little bit greasy and my mom told me I´d better wash it. That would mean hovering upside down over the sink. I said "I don´t feel like it today! I´ll do it tomorrow." My mum insisted and said I´d feel better if my hair was nice. I kept on arguing, saying "It can wait another day. It´s not as if I´m going to meet the KING or anything!" But finally, I did wash my hair and dried it. Off we went, driving somewhere for some sightseeing during the day. We stopped at a shop along a small road. When we went back to the car my mum put the seatbelt around my sister. While doing that she left the door wide open, making it impossible for the car behind us to pass on the narrow road. My father told her: "Agneta, you´d better hurry up. There is a car behind us." My mum calmly answered: "They will have to wait. I´m nearly finished." She then went around our car to her place in the passenger´s seat. She raised her hand as thanking the car behind us for waiting, without looking at it directly. My father drove off, the black car followed and turned at the next crossing. Only then my father spoke. "Did you see who that was? Who waited for you to put the seatbelt on? It was the King!!!". She answered: "Oh, was it? I didn´t see..." After a few moments she turned to me in the backseat and said: "Such a good thing that you washed your hair this morning, wasn´t is? We DID see the king."